Group sessions of functional fitness, designed to help you reach all of your goals. Group training gives you the added boost of encouragement you may need to get up and active, together with keeping your health and fitness goals in check.

Corporate Training and Mentoring Workshops


In house training workshops, consisting of a fun fitness session to get all individuals up and moving, no matter your fitness levels we have you in mind. with an added addition of our uniquely designed mentorship program, we have an end aim to develop and motivate all participants to maximise to the fullest potential. 

Online Coaching


Receive your nutrition and fitness coaching online from one of our specialised and experienced coaches. With uniquely, designed and personalised programs, we will help you reach every one of your fitness goals. 

PLEASE  NOTE!  Programs  are  6, 12  or 24 weeks. time by prices is only  for Skype appointments!

Individual Mentoring Program


Need a helping hand in bringing your vision and long-term goals to life, look no further our life experienced coaches/mentors can help you not only put pen to paper and create a realistic step by step plan to instill in you the belief to become the best version of yourself. We will help you channel your desire to overcome any mental barriers and give you results.

Community Support Project

Coming Soon

We are willing to team up with any organisation and   ongoing events within the community that is designed to aid change. whatever the cause, we hold the expertise and innovational capability to bring awareness. 

Youth Mentoring Program

Coming Soon

We would  like to  partner with schools/youth centers to help support young people age  10-16  and  17-21  that may be experiencing low academic attainment, behavioral issues, low confidence or other needs for mentoring in alternative areas of concern. We  use creative and informative platforms to sustain attentiveness, which will result in overall long-term progression. 


Percussive Therapy

We offer This unique service of Percussive Therapy Treatment using the “G3PRO” this is designed to target fast & effective Myofascial release in all muscle groups to relief from pain and stiffness , due to past/present injuries.However can also be used therapeutically to warm and treat tired muscles alongside help to release knots, cramps ,and spasms, helping blood flow.

Let’s Workout together

1-2-1 Training

Experience Coaching from one of our team.  Our expertise stems from the basic Bodyweight exercises to advance Strength and Conditioning training. We also have knowledge in Powerlifting,  Calisthenics and Hiit training