Mission Statement

Is to bring people together in one place to help them understand the  fundamental benefits of body weight exercises and provide them with the mental tools required to achieve all their aspirations. This will make all  involved better versions of themselves inside and out. Hence our mantra Together Everyone Achieves More. AKA  T.E.A.M

Benefits of our combined Mentorship program includes:

Positive team building exercises 

Improved Health & well-being 

Building inner confidence and self-worth

Building self-esteem

Setting goals

Facing fears

Improved communication

Motivational talks

Achieving fitness goals 

Unlocking Potential    


Our Program

We named our mentees in our mentorship  program “Eagles and Lions” our reason for this is Eagles fly at a higher altitude to any other birds. Eagles possess a greater perspective and vision of what they  desire.

Lions have  vision focus, singular, strong, determined and can set their mind  on what they desire, strategize how they will get it and wait patiently for their plan to materialize, and at the right time pounce.

Mentors who are Eagles & Lions are unstoppable, they help mentees unlock their strengths, create plans to leverage them closer to their goals in  addition  to  developing  inner  confidence and courage to help  bring their plans to life. This  will  help participants achieve  their long-term aspirations  And  realize  their potential.


What Mentoring can help you Achieve


Promotions at work

Overcome difficult challenges

Learn how to have difficult conversations

Achieve personal fitness goals

Strengthen your relationships

Self development / Leadership